The Rugby Mothers

This self titled album featured a photo of a Converse All-star about to step on a steamy pile of dogshit as it's cover. This was the first release by the Curry brothers as the Rugby Mothers. This album was recorded on a Vestafire MR10 Pro 4 track recorder with microphones from K-Mart and Radio Shack.


This very rare album sold less than 200 copies before we decided that we needed better recording capability than the $500 4 track recorder could provide. Several of the song on this album will be found on later releases with much better recording quality. Songs such as "Evil Swing", the instrumental "A Soapy Hair", and the live version of an old Hero Pigg classic "Vomit Party" were only available on this very limited release.

5 Girl Songs and Six Cool Songs

Recorded in 8 tracks by Jason Lambert with recording equipment from the 1st Pentecostal Church of Bay City Michigan, this album was to define the direction of the band. With a better recording than was available before and with the added benefit of a steady stream of shows, the Rugbies were sharper and more seasoned than ever before.


Upgraded to 8 tracks and a full fledged real studio, not just someones basement with borrowed microphones. Many thanks go do John Pressler for doing a wonderfull job mixing and recording this album, and to Frank Michaels for loaning us his wonderful studio.


Named Triplextra because it contianed a full16 songs, more than any previous album. We saved up all the money we earned from the previous albums, t-shirt, and merchandise sales and booked time in the notorious "Sonic Iguana" studio in Lafayette Indiania. This album was done in 16 tracks and so enabled us to go crazy with extra stuff like, conga, tamborine, extra backing vocals, mandolin, and a bunch of other stuff we just threw in. Hands down the best recordings that the Rugbies ever made, and sadly the last.